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    ITEM NO:BY-DG610
    Name:Light sensor BY-DG610

Using an advanced optical sensing system, optical/electrical signal conversion, microprocessor signal processing, and a control algorithm, the automated car light sensor can detect the surrounding light condition, automatically activate or deactivate the headlight or low beam headlight and dashboard light. This technology provides drivers with added safety, convenience, and comfort in various weather conditions.
• Automation
It can detect surrounding light conditions and automatically activate or deactivate the headlights
• Adjustability
The sensitivity of the light sensor is adjustable.
• added safety, convenience
When you start the car, it automatically put the light sensor into working condition, and detect the light condition.
• Mode change
It has manual and auto mode switch, you have the choice
• More
When you switch off the engine or go somewhere brighter, the light sensor can automatically turn off the headlight, save the battery and prolong battery lifetime.


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