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  Heavy vehicle safety system
   Warning Light & Siren
   Car safety system
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Suitable for models : Honda, Mazda, mitsubishi, marks, Chevrolet, suzuki, K5, K2, nissan, Toyota, lexus, nissan, kia, hyundai, Volkswagen, Benz, BMW, buick, ford, jeep, porsche, ferrari, lamborghini, infinite, HKS, ABT, IIIM, haman, AMG, JP, GARSON, FOX, the autobots and decepticons king kong, the above models only part, if you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Product parameters:


Working voltage: 12 v ~ 24 v

Output work rate: 5 w

Working environment: - 40 °C ~ 105 °C



Product function:


car decorative lighting,it can provide a feast for the eyes shadow visual experience.

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